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Century Promotion Service is pleased to announce the 3rd edition of international construction exhibition under the brand “Construction World” to be held from January 23rd to 27th 2016, at Addis Ababa Exhibition center. It is to be recalled that the past two editions of the International construction Exhibitions organized by the company were amongst the highly successful specialized exhibitions held in the country.

As you are well aware of, the construction sector in Ethiopia has been growing in unprecedented rate during the past years. Some of the reasons for this are the ever increasing public expenditure in infrastructure development and housing projects, expansion of private sector investment in residential and business buildings, and growing Foreign Direct Investment, among others. There are convincing reasons to assume that this trend will continue unabated in the years to come. To start with, the Growth and Transformation Plan II has allocated the largest budget for construction of roads. Likewise, the Addis Ababa City Administration has been expressing construction of residential apartments as amongst its top priority. And the manufacturing sector which is focus of the GTPII naturally demands services of the construction industry.

Realities on the ground show that the growth in the demand side is outpacing the growth of the supply side as local contractors are concerned. The dominance of foreign contractors in roads, rail and other mega construction projects and more recently, their involvement in the building construction project are good manifestations of this claim.
It is however, an opportune news for both local and foreign contractors and businesses related with the construction sector since it does heralds availability of ample opportunities for all of them to grow and expand.
Century Promotion Service has been engaged in the promotion of the construction industry through organizing specialize fairs of the sector in collaboration with the Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia and by its own. The company had organized seven specialized fairs with the association and the past two edition of “Construction World”, alone. It has also been organizing the annual cities event with the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction.

The company is therefore employing all these reach experience of the industry to organize the 3rd edition of the specialized fair to the highest professional standard possible. The 3rd edition of the event mainly focuses on promoting the ample business opportunities of the industry to local and foreign companies through staging workshop and a discussion forum, creating connections between potential clients and players involved in the construction sector, and facilitating transfer of technology, experience sharing and possibilities of cooperation amongst the players in the sector.

The organizer is making preparations to achieve higher presence of foreign companies in this special edition with the hope that it would provide better opportunity for local contractors to enhance their competitiveness through experience sharing and forging partnership with foreign companies engaged in the sector.

To this end, the organizer of the exhibition has prepared attractive packages to encourage the participation of countries across the world to take advantages of exploring the opportunities in the rapidly growing construction sector of Ethiopia, The package will include reasonable lease rates and assistances provided by the organizer in facilitating entry visas for those coming from countries where Ethiopia does not have diplomatic missions and facilitation of their individual requirement such as accommodation and clearing of their exhibits.

The organizer therefore cordially invites your esteemed company to take the promotional advantages of this unique event through booking your venue in good time. You are also invited to promote your products and services in the special magazine of the event that shall be widely distributed during the event and to relevant organizations in the region and the country at large.

For further information, please call on +251 911 20 58 26 or +251 911 97 40 40

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