Century Promotion and Events, a major business promotion company eying to celebrate its silver jubilee in next year to introduce the 31st edition of “Enqutatash” New Year Trade Fair and bazar”, which will take place from 19th August up to 11th September 2023 @ Addis Ababa Exhibition Center. The 24 day long event coincides with the celebration of the Ethiopian New Year, one the most celebrated festival in the country shall be the grandest event that attracts over 15,000 visitors each day.    

Ethiopia’s New Year time is unanimous with the introduction of new products and services and a shopping Bonanza. The timing of this grand event is intentionally chosen to coincide with what New Year generously offers to businesses and consumers.

Century Promotion and Events has been preparing to enhance the event’s significance for exhibitors through benchmarking best practices from renowned trade shows in other parts of the world. In view of this, we have introduced a clustering system and improvised floor plan that ensures extensive exposition visibility and the undivided attention of the visitors. The organizer is generously investing to attract great number of visitors by introducing enticing events and surprises to transform the venue to a melting pot from opening to closing hours. Splendid musical concerts, fashion shows, prize awarding contests, surprise gifts that include mobile phone airtime announced from the stage every hour as well as daily presents were given to lucky number winners throughout the duration of the event and many more surprises are prepared to ensure the colourfulness of the event.
Like “Addis Trade for Development” a flagship trade promotional event of Century Promotion and Events “Enqutatash” is designed to attract hundreds of companies from the country and various parts of the world. This coupled with the large number of visitors arriving at the venue creates a great opportunity for companies in the agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and construction industries and other businesses engaged in trading business to promote their products with great efficiency and effectiveness. The organizers of the event therefore cordially invite your esteemed company to sponsor/participate in this great event. This grand trade promotion event is designed to accommodate the divergent needs of companies inside and outside the pavilions to fit the specific characteristics of their exhibits. The organizers are also pleased to hold a discussion with your good office, if necessary, to make customized packages that add much value to the interest of the sponsoring companies.
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