Century Promotion and Events is pleased to introduce the 32nd edition of the “X-mass (Gena)” Bazaar and Festival organized in connection with the European X-mass, European New Year and Ethiopian Christmas (GENA). The event is one of the longest of its kind that remains open from 16th December 2023 UP to 6th January 2024 for 22 days @ Addis Ababa Exhibition Centre.
As it is well known around the world the Christmas time is unanimous with the introduction of new products and services and shopping Bonanza. The timing of this grand event is intentionally chosen to coincide with what Christmas generously offers to businesses and consumers. It is also an opportune moment as that lies during the celebration of the European New Year, a landmark in the calendar symbolizing hope and inspiration for success.    
The organizer is generously investing to attract a great number of visitors through introducing enticing events and surprises to transform the venue to a melting pot from opening to closing hours. Splendid musical concerts, prize awarding contests, surprise Christmas gifts for children and parents throughout the duration of the event and many more surprises are prepared to ensure the colourfulness of the event.
Century Promotion and Events believes that this is the grandest promotional event that attracts thousands of visitors each day. The festivity mood and extensive entertainment program have always been creating opportunities to sale or promote their products and services to the visiting public. The organizer therefore invites your company to sponsor this great event for the generous sponsorship packages that include a suitable stand to sale its products or services. We do sincerely believe that there is no better venue to launch or promote the company’s product in a venue where thousands of people assemble in such a splendid festive mood.
Cps there for cordially invites your esteemed company to sponsor this great event for generous sponsorship benefits designed like no other time in the past.
The organizer is also pleased to hold discussion with your good office if necessary, to make customized packages that add much value to the interest of the Participation Company.
Since we strictly adhere to the principle of first come first served, please be the earliest bird to Sponsor the event.
With compliments.
Special days of the event (Festival)
Saturday, December 16, 2023, = Grand opening
Sunday, December 17, 2023 = European X-mass eve
Monday ,December 18, 2023 = European X-mass day celebration
Sunday, December 31, 2023 = European new year’s eve
Monday, January 1, 2024 = European New Year celebration

Saturday, January 6, 2024 = Ethiopian X-mass eve (Gena)

For More Information

Please Call  +251 11 4716895/96, +251911974040,  +251911205826

Application & information of x-Mass Trade Bazaar

16th December 2023 UP to 6th January 2024
@ Addis Ababa Exhibition Center

Contact Info

Addis Ababa Exhibition Center,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
+251 114 716895/96
+251 911 974040 / +251 911 225406

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