Century Promotion and Events and Commercial Nominees present their compliments to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and have the honor to present the following to its attention.

Century Promotion and Events, a significant business promotion company that is eying to celebrate its silver jubilee in less than a year time partners with Commercial nominees to introduce “Selam Fasika –Expo, 2023” which will take place from 25th March up to 15th April 2023 @ Addis Ababa Exhibition Center. The 22-day long event coincides with the celebration of Ethiopian Easter, one the most celebrated festival in the country shall be the grandest event that attracts over 20,000 visitors each day.
COVID-19 and the war in the northern parts of Ethiopia have negatively affected the inflow of business and foreign direct investment into the country over the past few years. Now, following the signing of the peace deal, Ethiopia’s attractiveness as a business and investment destination has the potential to revamp. The Trade and Investment Promotion events organized by Century Promotion and Events over the past twenty years have been amongst the venues that attracted hundreds of foreign businesses and investors into the country.

The organizers have prepared to attract a great number of foreign company participants to “Selam Fasika –Expo, 2023” from various parts of the world. We proudly recall the support provided by Ethiopia’s Foreign Office in sending our invitations to potential foreign participants through Ethiopian Diplomatic Missions abroad. In line with this, we sincerely request the esteemed Ministry to extend our invitations to foreign participants through selected Ethiopian Embassies in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
Century Promotion and Events and Commercial Nominees avail themselves of this opportunity to renew to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia the assurances of their highest consideration.
We have kindly attached the letter addressed to foreign participants.
With best compliments

I. General Information

Name of the event: ‘’SelamFasika–Expo, 2023’’
Duration: 25thMarch to15thApril, 2023
Venue: Addis Ababa Exhibition Center

II. Major Features of the Event

Trade Fair and Bazaar accompanied by entertainment programs:
– Live Music Concerts
– Fashion Shows
– Talent Shows and contests
– Prize Awarding Lotteries

III. Facilities and Services Offered Free of Charge

– Two chairs, one table, one dust bin, and two spotlights
– Power supply, cleaning, and security services

IV. Trade Fair Schedule

– 23rd March 2023 Exhibitors’ Specialized Stand Fitters Commence Work
– 24th March 2023 All Exhibits and Displays Work to be completed
– 25th March 2023 Expo Officially Opens
– 15th April 2023 Expo Officially Closes
– 17th April 2023 Exhibits Clear Out

V. Space Lease and Registration Fee and attached

– 15 USD per sq. meter, per day
– Minimum space size is 9 Sq. meters
– Registration fee: USD 350
– Please note that all prices are VAT Inclusive

VI. Payment Modalities

Fill out the enclosed Application form, check every space you want to reserve, sign, and then return the application form.
Name of Account Holder: SELAM FASIKA EXPO 2015
Swift Code: ABYSETAA

VII. Additional Service Provided to Foreign Participants

VIII. Information related to businesses in Ethiopia in the sectors of their interest
IX. Information related to customs procedures for their exhibits
X. Visa request letters to Ethiopian Embassies and organizing visa on arrival for those countries where Ethiopia does not have diplomatic missions and others indicated in the application form
XI. Please note that these services are provided on request

For More Information

Please Call  +251 11 4716895/96, +251911974040,  +251911205826

Application & information of Selam Expo -2023

25th March up to 15th April 2023
@ Addis Ababa Exhibition Center

Contact Info

Akaki Kaliti Sub – City , Woreda 04,
Gelan Condominium area, at Century Building,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
+251 114 716895/96
+251 911 974040 / +251 911 225406

Exhibition Location